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Top 5 Self Care Tips for Election Anxiety

Is the stress and anxiety from the 2020 presidentail election getting out of hand?
Is it taking over how you operate during your day?
Has you sense of peace and calm disappeared?
If you answered yes, the check out these self case tips to help you get through these times.


Accept what is within your control.

If you are already made your vote then congratulations. You did your part. The only thing left for you to do is focus on yourself. Be kind and attentive to yourself and needs during this time. *Remember a watched pot doesn't boil.*

Turn off Phone notifications.

Do you feel tense when you hear your phone chime with a new notification? Perhaps you find it hard not to click on news notifications. If so, make things easier on yourself and turn them off.

Try a chromotherapy spa shower.

Shop online and find a chromotherapy (color therapy) shower head or color changing sound machine. Eliminate all political affiliated colors (red & blue) during this time and zen out.

Celebrate your victories (professional or personal).

It might be easier for some individuals to practice self-care by celebrating small victories. Just taking the time to identify positives in your life by your efforts can drastically improve your mood and change your outlook. Went to bed on time? Celebrate! Exercised today? Celebrate! Grabbed the last Oreo? Celebrate! Victories are victories whether big or small. Celebrating victories is a practice of gratitude.

Get festive.

Do you celebrate the holidays? If so, get festive. Go shopping, sing carols, decorate or plan a party or a dinner menu. Holiday cheer can change your atmosphere. Whatever brings you the most joy during the holiday season (who says you have to wait) engage in it now.

Take the focus off the election and put it back on you.

*Disclaimer: The views and advice here on this blog although helpful are not meant to supplement professional therapy.*


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